iDisguise Area Effect Cloud

To disguise as a area effect cloud, run the following command: /disguise area_effect_cloud

Associated permission node: iDisguise.object.area_effect_cloud


By default the area effect cloud is made out of gray spell_mob particles and has a radius of 0.5. You can change this however:

  • Different radius:
    /disguise radius=<radius-goes-here>
    Tip: Only positive values are valid. The maximum radius is 20.
  • Different particle:
    /disguise particle=<particle-goes-here>
    Particle types:
  • Some particle require an additional parameter:
    • Color parameter (for spell-mob and redstone (1.13+) particles):
      /disguise parameter=<color>
      Available colors: aqua, black, blue, fuchsia, gray, green, lime, maroon, navy, olive, orange, purple, red, silver, teal, white, yellow
      /disguise parameter=<color-rgb>
      Example: /disguise parameter=ffff00
    • Material parameter (for item-crack, block-crack, block-dust, falling-dust):
      /disguise parameter=<material-type>
      Material types:
    • Material parameter (1.13+, for block-crack, block-dust, falling-dust):
      /disguise parameter=<material-type>[<state>]
      Example: /disguise parameter=daylight_detector[inverted=true]

Custom name

To apply a custom name, run the following command: /disguise custom-name=<insert-name-here>

You can include spaces in the custom name by using the symbol "\s" (e.g. custom-name=Hello\sWorld)

Associated permission node: iDisguise.object.custom-name


By default your disguise is visible to everyone. You can change this however:

  • Visible to everyone:
    /disguise visibility=everyone
  • Visible to certain players:
    /disguise visibility=only-list visibility-param=<player1>,<player2>,<player3>,...
    Associated permission node: iDisguise.visibility.list
  • Visible to everyone but certain players:
    /disguise visibility=not-list visibility-param=<player1>,<player2>,<player3>,...
    Associated permission node: iDisguise.visibility.list
  • Visible to players with a certain permission:
    /disguise visibility=only-permission visibility-param=<permission-node>
    Associated permission node: iDisguise.visibility.permission
  • Visible to player without a certain permission:
    /disguise visibility=not-permission visibility-param=<permission-node>
    Associated permission node: iDisguise.visibility.permission