iDisguise WG

Basic information

This extension enables you to control the use of iDisguise based on WorldGuard regions.


This plugins adds two new region flags to the default WorldGuard flags.

The first flag idisguise-plugin is a state flag which can be either allow (default value) or deny. It makes it possible to disable iDisguise completely for a given region.

The second flag idisguise-blocked-types is an enum flag which can hold a single or multiple disguise type values. It makes it possible to disable certain disguise types but not the whole iDisguise plugin for a given region.

The flags can be set via WorldGuard’s default /region flag … command.

If you don’t want a message to be sent to users, simply set the message blank in the language.yml file.


This extension requires WorldGuard 6.2+ to be installed.