iDisguise Permissions

Permission node Description
iDisguise.* Use every single aspect of this plugin
  • iDisguise.admin
Some administration stuff
    • iDisguise.others
Disguise other players and living entities
    • iDisguise.player.prohibited
Disguise as prohibited players that are listed in commands.restricted-player-names in the config
    • iDisguise.reload
Reload the config and language file
    • iDisguise.see-through
Enable/disable see-through mode
    • iDisguise.undisguise.all
Undisguise everyone
    • iDisguise.undisguise.others
Undisguise other players and living entities
    • iDisguise.update
Trigger an update-check when you join the server and receive a notification if an update is available (only works if update.check is enabled in the config)
Use the command /disguise help
  • iDisguise.mob.*
Disguise as every living disguise type
    • iDisguise.mob.<mob-type>
Disguise as that mob (list of all permission nodes)
Disguise as a baby mob
    • iDisguise.mob.creeper.powered
Disguise as a powered creeper
    • iDisguise.mob.custom-name
Apply a custom-name to your disguise
    • iDisguise.mob.enderman.block
Disguise as an enderman carrying a block
    • iDisguise.mob.magma_cube.giant
Disguise as a magma cube of an unnormal size (larger than 4 blocks)
    • iDisguise.mob.ocelot.type.*
Disguise as all types of ocelot (list of subpermissions)
    • iDisguise.mob.parrot.variant.*
Disguise as all variants of parrot (list of subpermissions)
    • iDisguise.mob.phantom.giant
Disguise as a phantom of size greater than 0
    • iDisguise.mob.pig.saddled
Disguise as a saddled pig
    • iDisguise.mob.rabbit.type.*
Disguise as all types of rabbit (list of subpermissions)
    • iDisguise.mob.sheep.color.*
Disguise as a colored sheep (list of subpermissions)
    • iDisguise.mob.slime.giant
Disguise as a slime of an unnormal size (larger than 4 blocks)
    • iDisguise.mob.villager.profession.*
Disguise as a villager of a different profession (list of subpermissions)
    • iDisguise.mob.wolf.collar.*
Disguise as a wolf with a colored collar (list of subpermissions)
    • iDisguise.mob.wolf.tamed
Disguise as a tamed wolf (= dog)
    • iDisguise.mob.wolf.angry
Disguise as an angry wolf
  • iDisguise.object.*
Disguise as every non-living disguise type
    • iDisguise.object.<mob-type>
Disguise as that non-living mob (list of all permission nodes)
    • iDisguise.object.custom-name
Apply a custom-name to your disguise
  • iDisguise.player.display-name
Disguise as a player with different skin and display name (e.g. Notch’s skin but display name Dinnerbone)
Disguise as a every player (skin)
Disguise as this player (skin)
  • iDisguise.random
Disguise as a randomly chosen mob using /disguise random
  • iDisguise.status.detailed
Required to see the additional information below “You are disguised as …” when you execute /disguise status
  • iDisguise.undisguise
Undisguise yourself (only required if commands.undisguise-permission is enabled in the config)
  • iDisguise.visibility.*
Use every type of disguise visibility
    • iDisguise.visibility.list
Use the options visibility=list and visibility=not-list
    • iDisguise.visibility.permission
Use the options visibility=permission and visibility=not-permission