iDisguise Configuration

The configuration file is saved at /plugins/iDisguise/config.yml.
This is the default configuration:

# Options affecting the basic behavior of iDisguise (including the developer API)
   # Do disguised players see their own disguise in 3rd person view.
   # This only works for player disguises at the moment.
   # WARNING: DON'T ENABLE THIS FEATURE IF YOU USE BUNGEECORD, it will crash Minecraft clients.
   view-self: false
   # Do disguised players keep their disguise when they leave the server
   keep-disguise-leave: true
   # Do disguised players keep their disguise when you shutdown the server
   keep-disguise-shutdown: true
   # Modify disguised players' death messages
   # e.g. 'RobinGrether tried to swim in lava' -> 'Notch tried to swim in lava' in case RobinGrether is disguised as a player called Notch
   modify-message-death: false
   # Modify disguised players' join message
   # e.g. 'RobinGrether joined the game' -> 'Dinnerbone joined the game' in case RobinGrether is disguise as a player called Dinnerbone
   modify-message-join: false
   # Modify disguised players' kill message
   # e.g. 'Notch was slain by RobinGrether' -> 'Notch was slain by Zombie' in case RobinGrether is disguised as a zombie
   modify-message-kill: false
   # Modify disguised players' leave message
   # e.g. 'RobinGrether left the game' -> 'Herobrine left the game' in case RobinGrether is disguised as a player called Herobrine
   modify-message-leave: false
   # Modify disguised players' player list entry
   # If this is enabled disguised players are NOT shown in the player list except if they are disguised as other players,
   # in this case the disguise name is shown instead of the original player name.
   # Consider enabling modify-scoreboard-packets as well if you experience problems with scoreboard/nametag plugins.
   modify-player-list-entry: false
   # Modify scoreboard packets
   # This may help scoreboard plugins to work properly with disguised players.
   # Furthermore, this option enables compatibility with NametagEdit and ColoredTags.
   modify-scoreboard-packets: true
   # Show name tags with their original name for disguised players
   # Obviously, this option does NOT affect player disguises.
   name-tag-shown: false
   # Do disguised players sound like actual mobs
   # e.g. a player disguised as a cow moos when he is hurt
   replace-sound-effects: true
   # Change this to true if you use BungeeCord
   # Explanation: BungeeCord breaks the standard player disguises, this option fixes that.
   bungee-cord: false
# Options affecting the commands and permissions of iDisguise (these do NOT affect the developer API)
   # Restrict some player names so your players cannot disguise as them
   # Admins might get 'iDisguise.player.prohibited' permission to bypass this restriction
   # The names should be lower case (won't work otherwise)
   - player1
   - player2
   # Do disguised players need to have 'iDisguise.undisguise' permission to be allowed to undisguise
   undisguise-permission: false
# Options affecting the update checking feature
   # Check whether an update is available at every server start
   # Admins might get the 'iDisguise.update' permission node to trigger an update check whenever they log in and receive a notification if an update is available
   check: true
   # Automatically download new updates (however a server restart is required for an update to take effect)
   download: false

Besides the configuration file, iDisguise also features a language file which is saved at /plugins/iDisguise/language.yml.
It enables you to modify and translate the messages that are sent to your players.

Tip: You can specify custom disguise type aliases in the language file:
1. Find the field disguise-alias-<disguise-type>.
2. List the aliases you’d like to have (seperated by a comma).
3. Append an exclamation mark (!) at the beginning of one of the aliases to mark it as default. (Default aliases are shown when you execute /disguise help)

This is the default language file:

reload-complete: §6[iDisguise] Reload complete.
no-permission: §cYou are not allowed to do this.
console-use-other-command: §cUse /odisguise from the server console.
cannot-find-targets: §cNo target entities were found.
wrong-usage-no-name: '§cWrong usage: account name required'
wrong-usage-two-disguise-types: '§cWrong usage: two disguise types given'
wrong-usage-unknown-arguments: '§cWrong usage: the following arguments could not be
wrong-usage-unknown-arguments2: §7 §o%argument%§7 -> %message%
wrong-usage-see-through: '§cWrong usage: unknown argument §o%argument%'
invalid-name: §cThe given account name is invalid.
event-cancelled: §cAnother plugin prohibits you to do that.
disguise-success-self: §6You disguised as a %type%.
disguise-success-other: §6%player% disguised as a %type%.
disguise-success-multiple: §6%share% out of %total% selected entities disguised as
  a %type%.
status-player-self: §6You are disguised as a %type% called %name%.
status-player-other: §6%player% is disguised as a %type% called %name%.
status-self: §6You are disguised as a %type%.
status-other: §6%player% is disguised as a %type%.
status-subtypes: §7(%subtypes%)
status-not-disguised-self: §6You are not disguised.
status-not-disguised-other: §6%player% is not disguised.
outdated-server: §cYour Minecraft version does not support the given disguise type.
undisguise-console: §cYou are not a player so you cannot undisguise.
undisguise-not-disguised-self: §cYou are not disguised.
undisguise-not-disguised-other: §c%player% is not disguised.
undisguise-success-self: §6You undisguised.
undisguise-success-other: §6%player% undisguised.
undisguise-success-multiple: §6%share% out of %total% selected entities undisguised.
help-base: §6§o%command% §6- %description%
help-types: §6%types%
help-types-available: '%type%'
help-types-not-supported: §7§m%type%
help-types-no-permission: §7§m%type%
help-info: §7Use §o%command% §7to read the other pages.
help-player-self: Disguise yourself as a player
help-player-other: Disguise a player as a player
help-random-self: Disguise yourself as a randomly chosen mob
help-random-other: Disguise a player as a randomly chosen mob
help-reload: Reload config and language file
help-see-through-self: Indicate or toggle see-through mode for yourself
help-see-through-other: Indicate or toggle see-through mode for a player
help-status-self: Shows your disguise status
help-status-other: Shows a player's disguise status
help-undisguise-self: Undisguise yourself
help-undisguise-all-new: Undisguise everyone (*), all online players (*o), all players
  (*p) or all entities (*e)
help-undisguise-other: Undisguise a player
help-disguise-self: Disguise yourself as a mob with optional subtypes
help-disguise-other: Disguise a player as a mob with optional subtypes
help-subtype: Apply one (or multiple) subtypes
join-disguised: §6You are still disguised. Use §o/disguise status§r§6 to get more
move-as-shulker: §cYou must not move while you are disguised as a shulker.
update-available: '§6[iDisguise] An update is available: %version%'
update-already-downloaded: §6[iDisguise] Update already downloaded. (Restart server
  to apply update)
update-downloading: §6[iDisguise] Downloading update...
update-download-succeeded: §6[iDisguise] Download succeeded. (Restart server to apply
update-download-failed: §c[iDisguise] Download failed.
update-option: §6[iDisguise] You can enable automatic updates in the config file.
easter-egg-birthday: §eYAAAY!!! Today is my birthday! I'm %age% years old now.
see-through-status-on-self: §6See-through mode is currently §aenabled §6for you.
see-through-status-on-other: §6See-through mode is currently §aenabled §6for %player%.
see-through-status-off-self: §6See-through mode is currently §cdisabled §6for you.
see-through-status-off-other: §6See-through mode is currently §cdisabled §6for %player%.
see-through-enable-self: §6See-through mode is now §aenabled §6for you.
see-through-enable-other: §6See-through mode is now §aenabled §6for %player%.
see-through-disable-self: §6See-through mode is now §cdisabled §6for you.
see-through-disable-other: §6See-through mode is now §cdisabled §6for %player%.
see-through-entity: §cSee-through mode is only for players.
help-target-uid: §6 - Select a player by account id
help-target-eid: §6[entity-id] - Select an entity/player by entity id
help-target-vanilla: §6@p/@r/@a/@e/@s[...] - Select entities/players with vanilla
help-target-name-exact: §6"player-name" - Select a player by EXACT account name
help-target-name-match: §6player-name - Match an ONLINE player
help-target-vanilla-tip: '§7Tip: You can use vanilla target selectors in command blocks
  like this §o#p/#r/#a/#e/#s[...]'
help-title: §7==== §l%name% §7%version% ==== §l%title% §7(%page%/%total%) ====
help-title-disguise: Disguise
help-title-undisguise: Undisguise
help-title-types: Types
help-title-features: Features
help-title-targets: Targets
help-undisguise-tip: '§7Tip: Append §oignore§7 to the end of the command to bypass
  the plugin''s API.'
disguise-alias-bat: ''
disguise-alias-blaze: ''
disguise-alias-cave-spider: cavespider, bluespider, blue-spider
disguise-alias-chicken: chick
disguise-alias-cod: ''
disguise-alias-cow: cattle, ox
disguise-alias-creeper: ''
disguise-alias-dolphin: ''
disguise-alias-donkey: ''
disguise-alias-drowned: ''
disguise-alias-elder-guardian: ''
disguise-alias-ender-dragon: ''
disguise-alias-enderman: endermen
disguise-alias-endermite: ''
disguise-alias-evoker: ''
disguise-alias-ghast: ''
disguise-alias-giant: ''
disguise-alias-guardian: ''
disguise-alias-horse: ''
disguise-alias-husk: ''
disguise-alias-illusioner: ''
disguise-alias-iron-golem: golem
disguise-alias-llama: ''
disguise-alias-magma-cube: magmacube, magma-slime, magmaslime, lava-slime, lavaslime,
  lava-cube, lavacube
disguise-alias-mule: ''
disguise-alias-mushroom-cow: mushroom-cow, mooshroom
disguise-alias-ocelot: cat
disguise-alias-parrot: ''
disguise-alias-phantom: ''
disguise-alias-pig: ''
disguise-alias-pig-zombie: pigzombie, pigman, pigmen
disguise-alias-polar-bear: polarbear, bear
disguise-alias-pufferfish: puffer-fish
disguise-alias-rabbit: bunny
disguise-alias-salmon: ''
disguise-alias-sheep: ''
disguise-alias-shulker: ''
disguise-alias-silverfish: ''
disguise-alias-skeletal-horse: ''
disguise-alias-skeleton: ''
disguise-alias-slime: ''
disguise-alias-snowman: ''
disguise-alias-spider: ''
disguise-alias-squid: ''
disguise-alias-stray: ''
disguise-alias-tropical-fish: tropicalfish
disguise-alias-turtle: ''
disguise-alias-undead-horse: undeadhorse, zombie-horse, zombiehorse
disguise-alias-vex: ''
disguise-alias-villager: ''
disguise-alias-vindicator: ''
disguise-alias-witch: ''
disguise-alias-wither: witherboss
disguise-alias-wither-skeleton: ''
disguise-alias-wolf: dog
disguise-alias-zombie: ''
disguise-alias-zombie-villager: zombievillager, infected-villager, infectedvillager
disguise-alias-area-effect-cloud: areaeffectcloud, effect-cloud, effectcloud
disguise-alias-armor-stand: armorstand
disguise-alias-boat: ''
disguise-alias-ender-crystal: endercrystal, crystal
disguise-alias-falling-block: fallingblock, block
disguise-alias-item: item-stack, itemstack
disguise-alias-minecart: cart
version: iDisguise 5.8.1-SNAPSHOT